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In Person: LG Williams at The Laguna Art Museum, Thursday December 15 – 6:00pm

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LG Williams exhibits new artwork at 2016 Frieze London & FIAC London Art Fair: “For Sale By Artist / For Sale By Owner ∞” — Presented by Fuga Los Angeles.

. . LG Williams and The Estate Of LG Williams, “For Sale By Artist / For Sale By Owner ∞” (2 versions), 2016 72 × 96″ ea., Reflective Ink on Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting on Heavy-Duty Aluminium. © 2016 LG Williams and The Estate Of LG Williams. .

LG Williams at Laguna Art Museum — Thru Jan 2017

Honored to be exhibiting 2 new pictures — on my home turf — at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, CA. This exhibition includes Wayne Thiebaud, Manuel Neri, Wallace Berman, George Herms, John Altoon, Peter Alexander, Mary Weatherford and more. Exhibition ends January 2017. Also, the 200-page catalogue for the series entitled, The Age […]

A Day In The Life…

A Day In The Life Of A Los Angeles Artist: Orange County • London • New York • Toronto • Los Angeles — all for a…“good point.” The point being that everywhere we are surrounded by Zombies.

Los Angeles Artist LG Williams Thanks DNC Wikileaks Contributors With Artwork

Press Release — For Immediate Release For all press inquiries: Jamie Brooks (949) 929-4143 July 26, 2016 LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™, Thank You 2015-16 DNC Contributors!, 2016, Reflective Ink on Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting on Heavy-Duty Aluminium with Aluminium Backing   “LG had an artistic epiphany, there is no other way […]

LG Williams Responds To “The Forever Art Professors” by Laurie Fendrich in The Chronicle of Higher Education: Seriously, You Just Did What And Then Quoted Dave Hickey?!

Now In Stores for the Holidays!! and U.S.A. Government Shutdown 2013!!

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Bailout Coloring Book (2013)

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Bailout Coloring Book by LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams 2013, Paperback, 207 pages PCP Press $29.95 The United States Subprime Mortgage Crisis was a series of events and conditions that led to a financial crisis and subsequent recession that began in 2008. It was characterized by a rise […]

What Is Missing? Curated by Julija Cistiakova, Klaipeda Culture Communication Center, Opens October 11, Klaipeda, Lithuania

. Kulturpolis.Lt: New Shows at Klaipėdos Kultūrų Komunikacijų Centro (KCCC): Journey of the Self in The Contemporary Art World, October 13 . Lithuanian Radio and Television: Interview with curator Julija Cistiakova about What Is Missing? at Klaipėdos Kultūrų Komunikacijų Centras, 15:00 – 19:00 min, October 19, 2013 . ., Meno Naujienos / Renginiai, Parodai apie informacijos sklaidą […]

LG Williams / 2005 Prix Marcel Duchamp Prize Debacle Featured In


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