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On Sale Now: Death of the Soul T-Shirts

LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™ Death Of The Soul T-Shirts (For David Hawkes), 2015 Various Sizes, Organic Men’s and Women’s T-Shirt Copyright © 2015 LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams™. All Rights Reserved . CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW ! ! ! . 

Letter To The New Yorker Editor

Review: What Everyone Needs To Know About ‘Obama’s Hope Scam’

Review: What Everyone Needs To Know About ‘Obama’s Hope Scam’ Like duh?! Read Ariana Huffington’s, ‘Hope’ Has Been A Bust,, January 18, 2010 Review “I Did Not Plagerize” (LOL!) from September 30, 2008 below: ObamaHopeScam First Appeared In October 2008

Huffington Post / Arianna Huffington: ‘HOPE’ Has Been A Bust — Time For Everyone To Revisit LG Williams’ 2008


Hope Poster Artist Admits Scam | Lawyers For Obama Hope Poster Artist Say They Were Misled

Revisit These Two October 2008 Articles: What Everyone Needs To Know About The Hope Poster Scam: 2008 HOPE Poster Facts # # # # # AP Story:

Banksy Punked (Book)


Banksy Punked Poster — Euro Version

Banksy Punked Poster — Hollywood Version

Banksy Punked ::

LG Williams: Banksy Punked Press Release