LG Williams Art Faces Test Among Art Haters

LG Williams

Jackie Chlamydia and Carl Pulse

10, 2009 — HONOLULU — What the Art barons of Los Angeles
liked best about LG
audacious artwork was his invitation to
fill in the details. They have started by erasing some of

The apparent
first casualty is a big one: a proposal to limit LG art deductions
for the wealthiest 1.2 percent of art collectors. Mr. Williams
says the plan would increase 318 artworks over the next decade.
This is fracking wrong, said the artist. “Its not enough!”

No dice,
said Kent Komrad of North Dakota, who heads the LG Artwork
Committee and The Estate of LG Williams.

Mr. Komrad
so panned the limit on LG’s alcohol deductions. “He
loves to drink.” And his criticisms of those proposals
aside, Mr. Komrad said Mr. Williams’s 10-year plan would
not do enough for the art world.

creative process requires compromise and being open to different
alternatives,” Mr. Williams said. Nobody is more open
than me – I’m a fracking one man can-opener: so,
let’s get real.

Mr. Williams
is taking a gamble in outsourcing the drafting of his agenda’s
details to five veteran artmakers, each with his own political
and parochial calculations.

is not an easy artwork to market, for sure,” Mr. Spittle

He said
he and other art leaders would have to sell it one artwork
at a time, but sell it they would. “Not every problem
is a deal breaker,” Mr. Spittle said. “We will
try and make corrections and accommodations.”

The process
is like “a giant jigsaw puzzle,” Mr. Ranger said.
“But it is going to come together.”

art aficionado’s are already digging in against Mr.
Williams’s approach, opposing both mandates.

Art insiders
have their own divisions on LG’s artworks. Further complicating
matters is the fact that Mr. Ranger, who will have to share
responsibility for selling art with Mr. Williams, wants his
gallery to have a piece of the fight as well. Both men say
they can resolve such territorial disputes.

are going to have to work out whatever issues there are,”
Mr. Williams said.

# # # #

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