•  Gloria Maria Gallery, Closed, September 19, Milan

•  Gloria Maria Gallery, LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams / Super Window Project, Anthology: 1987 – 2012, Nov 14 – Dec 21, Milan

•  The Container, Anything But, June 6 – August 30, Tokyo, Japan.
•  Super Window Project, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: In Abstentia, February 7 – March 6, Kyoto, Japan.
•  Tana Bookshelf Gallery, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Salaryman / Superman, February 3 – 6, Tokyo, Japan.

•  Super Window Project, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Closed, November 15 – January 9, 2011, Kyoto, Japan.
•  Telephonebooth Gallery, 2010 Winter Invitational, December 4 – January 4, 2011, Kansas City, MO.

•  FUCKTHATGALLERY at The Standard Los Angeles, Alot Of Fucking Good This Fucking Is Going To Fucking Do-Do, November 17 – 23, Los Angeles, CA.
•  Telephone Booth, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Closed, June 1 – 30, Kansas City, MO.
•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate of LG Williams: You Feel Good < Grope >, May 4 – May 29, Waikiki, HI
•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Stupid Fucking Closed, April 1 – May 1, Waikiki, HI
•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Party Every Night, February 20 – March 20, Waikiki, HI
•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: White Flag, January 16 – February 13, Waikiki, HI

•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Band-Aid, September 15 – October 11, Waikiki, HI

•  Abandoned Gallery, If Your Not Laughing At The Morons…, with Shermine Sawalha, March 3-April 1, Happy Valley (Maui), HI

•  House Where The Bottom Fell Out, Happy Valley (Maui), Hawaii
•  Telephonebooth Gallery, One Square Foot, November 10-February 28, Kansas City, MO
•  Abandoned Gallery, Stupid Fucking, Wailuku, HI

•  Gallery Subversive, Truly Yours : ), Cedar Rapids, IA
•  artLA (Linc Art), Los Angeles, CA

•  Lemon, Rat Bastard Protective Association (Hawaii) International Award Exhibition, Honolulu, HI
•  Lemon, One Awesome Sculpture and That’s All !, Oct 2-Nov 4, Honolulu, HI
•  Lemon, LG Williams: Help Wanted!, June 11-July 8, Honolulu, HI
•  World Wide Web, Help Wanted: The Craigslist Exhibition, March 10-31

•  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Art Security Services, July 25, San Francisco, CA
•  Art Security Services, The di Rosa Art Preserve, May 30, Napa, CA
•  Hi Gallery, Honolulu Times, July 28-August 21, Waikiki, HI

•  dai bak hap gallery, LG Williams: New Work, April 28-May 21, Berkeley, CA
•  Princess Center For The Arts, LG Williams: 10 New Installations, Montreal, Canada
•  dai bak hap gallery, March To April, April 1-May 1, Berkeley, CA
•  Hi Gallery, Look, Jump, Mistake, December 28-January 10, Waikiki, HI

•  Hi Gallery, LG Williams: Recent Work, March 28-August 21, Waikiki, HI
•  World Wide Web, B HERE | B GONE

•  Miracle Gallery, LA HELLO, LA GOODBYE, November 28, Beverly Hills, CA
•  World Wide Web, Nine Variations On The Bottom Line

•  Stephen Wirtz Gallery, LG Williams: Recent Paintings, June 22-July 14, SF, CA
•  Lance Fung Gallery, ( ( blow : Wall Drawings, June 22-July 14, New York, NY
•  Nexus, CATHEXIX: LG Williams & Wally Hedrick, April 8, Berkeley, CA
•  World Wide Web, The Dow
•  World Wide Web, Year in Rearview
•  World Wide Web, Figuerlich Art Und Konzeptkunst

•  California Fine Arts, LG Williams: HACHACHACHA, May 9-15, Hollywood, CA
•  Gallery 16, Clean Shorts And Recent Wood, February 13-March 22, SF, CA

•  Olga Dollar Gallery, LG Williams, Sept. 17-Oct. 23, San Francisco, CA

•  Christopher Grimes Gallery, LG Williams, Dec. 8-Jan. 27, Santa Monica, CA

•  Allport Gallery, LG Williams-Drawings, November 10-December 3, SF, CA
•  Davis Art Center, LG Williams, July 1-July 29, Davis, CA 1987
•  University of California, Davis, LG Williams, June 5-July 2, Davis, CA

•  Athena Gallery, LG Williams, Kansas City, MO

•  Center for the Visual Arts Gallery, LG Williams, Illinois State University, Normal, IL


Creative Center Osaka Japan (CCO), Only Connect Osaka, Fe 23 – Mar 17, Osaka, Japan.  Curated by Yutaka Inagawa, Mouhitori, Hitomi Kanemoto, Hitoko Urago, Soshi Matsunobe. Artists include Bibah Akhyar, Izat Arif, Momoko Asano, Bakir Baharum, Taro Furukata, Ludovica Gioscia, Boyang Hou, Chih-chi Hsu, Yutaka Inagawa, Genki Isayama, Yoko Kawaguchi, Andreas Kressig, Hochoul Lee, Michael Lee, Maix, Soshi Matsunobe, Morgane Tschiember and more.

Laguna Art Museum, October 16 – January 15, 2017, Laguna Beach, CA. Artists featured in the exhibition include (partial selection): Wayne Thiebaud, Manuel Neri, Wallace Berman, Peter Alexander, Billy Al Bingston, John Altoon, Mary Weatherford, Llyn Foulkes, George Herms and more.

• Le Souffleur: Schürmann Meets Ludwig, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, March 22, 2015 – January 31, 2016, Aachen, Germany. Artists featured in the group exhibition include (partial selection): Jasper Johns, Gerhard Richter, On Kawara, Monika Baer, Chuck Close, Guerilla Girls, Richard Hamilton, Lee Lozano, Franz West, Raymond Pettibon and more.

• What Is Missing?, Curated by Julija Cistiakova, October 11 – November 10,  Klaipeda Culture Communication Center, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Artists include Abraham Cruzvillegas, Seth Price, Hans Op De Beeck, Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Dan Perjovschi, Dora Garcia, and Christian Jankowski.
• The Alfred Gallery (גלריה אלפרד), Traggicon, June 13 – July 5th, Tel Aviv, Israel
• Geometrie Variable, Parc du Domaine les Crayères, Curated by Baron Osuna, May 17 – June 30, Reims, France
• ARTRA-Arte Contemporanea Milano, Curated by Chiara Guidi, April 6-23, Milan, Italy

• Trans Art Tokyo, with The Container, November 21 – December 25, Tokyo, Japan
• Telephonebooth, 2012-13 Winter Invitational, Curated by Tim Brown, Jan 4 – March 20, Kansas City, MO

•  Padiglione Internet BYOB Venezia: The Internet Pavilion for the La Biennale Di Venezia 2011, June 3 – November 27, Venice, Italy.

•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: Here’s The Rub, December 12 – 16 January 2010, Waikiki, HI

•  FUCKTHATGALLERY, LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams: The Big Bad World™, October 17 – November 14, Waikiki, HI
•  California State University, Sacramento, Library Gallery and Annex, Library Building, First Floor, In Our Time and Place: Selections From the Rene di Rosa Collection (Traveling Exhibition), Curated by Richard Reisman, September 10-November 12

•  Kuntzpanorama Luszerne, Linc Art in a Box: Boxx.com, February 25-March 20, Luscerne, Switzerland
•  The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, The 2005 Traveling Western RV Biennial Art Show, March 5, Davis, CA
•  Post, Group Show, January 13-February 12, Los Angeles, CA

•  Linc Real Art, Group Show, December 9-January 9, San Francisco, CA

•  Post, Hero-Glyph, November 13-December 30, Los Angeles, CA
•  Linc Real Art, wouldworker, June 3-June 30, San Francisco, CA
•  Lemon, Inaugural Exhibition, May 10-June 1, Honolulu, HI
•  Luscerne Kunstpanorama, Minifesto, Jan 8-Feb 10, Luscerne, Switzerland 2003
•  Linc Art, Tossed Salad, April 5-May 1, San Francisco, CA
•  The di Rosa Preserve, Faux Real: Curated by Charles Linder, February 1-27, Napa, CA

•  Lucky Tackle, Making Ends Meet (The 20-50 Show), June 28, Berkeley, CA

•  Cerritos Art Gallery, Take Off!, September 2-October 4, Cerritto Junior College, Cerritos, CA

•  California College of Arts and Crafts, Add / Drop / Add, September 6-26, Oakland, CA
•  Nexus Gallery, FLAT, May 7, Berkeley, CA

•  Gallery 16, Books, Prints and Multiples, November, San Francisco, CA
•  Georgia State University, University Plaza, Custom-Made-International, July 5, Atlanta, GA
•  Di Rosa Art Preserve, COME-ON / IN-WARD, Permanent Installation, Napa, CA
•  California Museum of Art, Burbank Art Center, May 1997, Santa Rosa, CA
•  Great American Music Hall, Homeless Art Project Rock Concert, April, SF, CA
•  Eastern Oregon State, Hoke Gallery, Native American, May 17-23, La Grande, OR
•  California Fine Arts, Group Exhibition, January 2-March 27, Los Angeles, CA
•  The Living Room, Dreams of Life and Death, January 8-February 1, Santa Monica, CA

•  Evergreen State College, 25 Years, October 4-October 31, Olympia, WA
•  Lance Fung Fine Arts, Gallery Group Show, New York, NY
•  Cirrus Editions, Group Show, April 20-June 15, Los Angeles, CA
•  San Francisco State University, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
•  Anderson Ranch Art Center, From Paper to Ether, May 1-31, Snow Mass Village, CO
•  Foothill College, Faculty Exhibition, March 1-April 25, Los Alto Hills, CA
•  SRO Corridor Gallery, Texas Tech University, March, 1-31, Lubbock, TX
•  Crovallis Arts Center, Women’s Vision Exhibition, March 13-April 5, Corvallis, OR
•  Memphis College of Art, International Exhibit, February 15-March 3, Memphis, TN
•  Sun Gallery, Hearts Afire, February 14-28, Hayward CA
•  San Francisco State University, American Media and Culture, Feb 9-16, SF, CA
•  Columbia College, Chicago Center, Paper Plate, January 15-30, Chicago, IL
•  South Bay Women’s Caucus for Art, The Embattled Artist, January 15, Palo Alto, CA

•  Luther College Gallery, Home, September 1-31, Luther College, Decorah, IA
•  Berkeley Public Library, Reflections on Hiroshima, August 1-15, Berkeley, CA
•  Seniwati Gallery, Keep it Simple, KIS, August 10-September 30, Ubud, Bali
•  Carneros Distillery Gallery, Replenish, July 30, Napa, CA
•  Pence Gallery, Sweet Bitters; Ideograms and Correspondences, May 17-31, Davis, CA
•  California Museum of Art, It’s in the Mail, May 10-June 25, Santa Rosa, CA

•  John F. Kennedy University, Annual Faculty Exhibition, June 11, Orinda, CA
•  John Natsoulas Gallery, Amnesty International, May 19, Davis, CA
•  Orange County Contemporary Art Center, Issues of Violence, April 1-30, Santa Ana, CA.
•  Texas Tech University, Postage Due, SRO Gallery, March 1-31, Lubbock TX
•  Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University, Drawn West: Fourth Biennial Drawing Exhibition 1994, February 1-31, Logan, UT
•  Butte College, Exploitation, Coyote Gallery, February 1-31, Oroville, CA
•  Luther College Gallery, Luther College, Ethnic Pride, February 1-31, Decorah, IA
•  Long Beach Arts, The Ironic and Absurd, January 15-February 12, Long Beach, CA
•  Gallery Route One, Annual Exhibition, January 7-31, Point Reyes Station, CA
•  Olga Dollar Gallery, Miniatures II, November 4-December 11, San Francisco, CA

•  Minneapolis College of Art, International Exhibition of Electronic Art, Minneapolis, MN
•  Headlands Center for the Arts, A Tribute to Veronica, November 7, Sausalito, CA
•  Modesto Junior College, When Life Becomes Art, Oct. 8-Nov. 10, Modesto, CA
•  University of California, Berkeley, What Do Women Want?, June 4-6, Berkeley, CA
•  John F. Kennedy University, B.Y.O.B., March 25, Orinda, CA
•  The Sanitation Plant, New Year’s Group Exhibition, January 23, San Pablo, CA
•  University of Wisconsin, Fairy Tales and Other Fantasies, Waukesha, Wisconsin

•  Falkirk Cultural Center, Hope and Harmony, December 4-January 10, San Rafael, CA
•  John Natsoulas Gallery, Crystal Night, December 1-January 6, Davis, CA
•  University of California, Davis, Distinguished Alumni, September 5-October 8, Davis, CA
•  Berkeley Art Center, 8th Annual Exhibition: Part II, August 30-October 4, Berkeley, CA
•  Modesto Junior College, Drawing Direction, September 29-October 20, Modesto, CA
•  California State Exposition, California Works, August 20-September 3, Sacramento, CA
•  Crocker Art Museum, 67th Annual Crocker-Kingsley Exhibition, Sacramento, CA

•  Palo Alto Cultural Center, Transport!, February 10-April 20, Palo Alto, CA
•  Skyline College, The Segelstad Collection, San Bruno, CA
•  Olga Dollar Gallery, Bay Area Talent, December 4-January 11, San Francisco, CA

•  Olga Dollar Gallery, Summer Show, San Francisco, CA

•  Michael Walls Gallery, Group Show, New York, NY
•  Allport Gallery, Gallery Selections, San Francisco, CA

•  Allport Gallery, Summer Selection, San Francisco, CA
•  Natsoulas/Novelozo Gallery, New Work ’88, Davis, CA

•  Bluxome Gallery, Drawings: The Bay Area, San Francisco, CA
•  Bluxome Gallery, Introductions ’87, July 7-August 29, San Francisco, CA
•  Pence Gallery, Group Drawing Show, June 5-July 2, Davis, CA
•  Carter/Brace Gallery, Davis Graduate Show, Napa, CA

•  Kansas City Art Institute, B.F.A. Exhibition, Kansas City, MO


•  Artissima 19, International Fair of Contemporary Art, November 9 – 11, Torino, Italy
•  Trans Art Tokyo, The Container, LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams: PROS • CONS • STUPID IDIOTS, 10.21 – 11.25, Tokyo, Japan
•  ART-O-RAMA 2012, International Fair of Contemporary Art, 31 August – 16 September, Marseille, France
•  ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair 2012, Super Window Project, February 13-17, Madrid, Spain

•  Super Window Project, Soshi Matsunobe, Sandrine Pelletier, and LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams, Artissima: International Fair of Contemporary Art, November 4-6, Oval Lingotto Fiere – Turin, Italy
•  Art Cologne 2011, Super Window Project, April 13 – 17, Cologne, Germany.

•  artLA, Group Show (Linc Art), January 27-30, Santa Monica, CA

•  Art Forum Berlin 2004, Group Show (Linc Art), September 18-22, Berlin, Germany


•  For Sale By Artist, La Biennale Di Venezia 2011, June 3 – November 27, Venice, Italy, www.forsalebyartist.net

•  House Where The Bottom Fell Out 2010: California, Northern California
•  International Burn Everything Day — Everyday

•  Requiem For The Automobile: The Defining Artwork For The Bankrupt, Post-Automobile Generation, www.autorequiem.com

•  Five Gallons, Honolulu, HI
•  Excursion Into Philosophy, Wailuku, HI

•  House Where The Bottom Fell Out, Happy Valley, HI.

•  The Pain, November 22, In conjunction with Linc Real Art, San Francisco; and Lemon, Honolulu, HI

•  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Art Security Services, July 25, San Francisco, CA. In conjunction with the exhibition, To Protect and Serve: The LAPD Archives: Photographs and ephemera, Friday, July 25 – October 5, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission St., San Francisco, CA
•  The di Rosa Art Preserve, Art Security Services, Napa, CA
•  Linc Real Art, Duct Tape Terrorist, San Francisco, CA

•  Everybody Sucks, Berkeley, CA
•  An Open Letter to The Transportation Secretary of The United States of America
•  This Is American Art, In conjunction with dai bak hap gallery, Berkeley, CA
•  Postcards To Dead Artists, Berkeley, CA

•  To Whom It May Concern, In conjunction with miracle gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

•  Paper Toss, Installation, Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA
•  Brick Front Door, Installation, Chico, CA
•  LA CART, Installation, Los Angeles, CA
•  Inverted Sign, Installation, Los Angeles, CA (Installation)

•  Di Rosa Art and Nature Preserve, COME ON / IN WARD, Central Gallery. Napa, CA
•  University of California, bOb, Davis, Davis, CA
•  California Museum of Art, liVEly, Santa Rosa, CA

Road Painting, Davis, CA

Phases, Davis, CA

New Dimensions, Davis, CA





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