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LG Williams Apologizes For Seven Hour Debauched Rampage!

By Dave Hickey (Artforum) June 27, 2009 – HONOLULU, HI – After going AWOL for seven hours, artist LG Williams admitted Wednesday that he had secretly pedaled across Honolulu to visit three female nihilist-nudists, online admirers who initially contacted him through his website: Wiping away tears and drinking imaginary beers, Williams apologized to his […]

In National Poll, Wide Support For LG Williams, The Art Of LG Williams and The Estate Of LG Williams

LG Williams, Last Round, 2009, 40 x 60", Photograph. Courtesy Telephone Booth Gallery, KC, MO.   By Kevin Connelly (US ArtNews) HONOLULU – Americans overwhelmingly support LG Williams and are strongly behind the art of Williams, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News/US Artnews poll. Yet the survey also revealed considerable unease about the […]

LG Williams, Last Round, 2009, 40 x 60″, Photograph. Courtesy Telephone Booth Gallery, KC, MO.

‘I Feel I Should Be There’ Says LG Williams

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita, Cover of the first edition (Olympia Press, Paris, 1955) By Merritt Stephanie (USA 2DAY) For the Arkansas-born artist LG Williams, the current turmoil in Tehran brings back poignant memories, he tells Merritt Stephanie. HONOLULU – Few people can fail to have been moved by the pictures coming out of Iran last week, […]

We Must Never Forget, Says Artist LG Williams

By Rachel Donaditty, Associated Press   (AP) June 8, 2009 — HONOLULU — Artist LG Williams Made A Stirring Call Yesterday “Never To Forget”. "Our history has always been the sum total of choices made by each individual man and woman — that is why I stressed the words ‘men and women’. Humans only exist […]

LG Williams Tells Chinese US Concerned About The Deficits

By Martin Banger (AP) HONOLULU – As the US federal budget deficit soars into the stratosphere, Artist LG Williams is reassuring the Chinese — every single one of them not just the big shots holding all the U.S. government debt — that the Obama administration is serious about restoring fiscal discipline once the current economic […]

Banksy Punked (Book)


Banksy Punked Poster — Euro Version

Banksy Punked Poster — Hollywood Version

LG Williams Rises To #69 in 2009 World Artist Ranking has just released its 2009 International Artist Ranking results. The findings from this report are based on 137,313 artists worldwide, and based on a system for ranking artists using a points-system based on their exhibition and bibliographic history. The top 3 are currently Picasso, Warhol, and Bruce Nauman. One other notable result was LG Williams […]