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LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams Floor-To-Wall Fountain Grab Bar  (not Buchloh) or We’ve Reach Out But So Far No Word Back, or Perhaps It Is Better To Say: You Don’t Want to Be Winging It When Something like This Happens,  2014, 48″ Standing Urinal and Power Coated Stainless Steel Urinal Grab Bar […]

LG Williams Responds To “The Forever Art Professors” by Laurie Fendrich in The Chronicle of Higher Education: Seriously, You Just Did What And Then Quoted Dave Hickey?!

Clearly, news of the #PrixMarcelDuchamp scandal is spreading…


American Artist LG Williams Defends Frieze Co-Director And Thanks 13.8 Million Millionaires At The Same Time

Wednesday 15 October 2014 .# # # # # LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams, Thank You! (Center), Frieze London Installation, October 15–18, 2014

LG Williams at Frieze London 2014
October 15–18, 2014

LG Williams at the Frieze London 2014 Art Fair Thank God! or The Dog Is Taking Things Hardest…Crying Every Night, 2014 40 x 60″, Vinyl and Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting on Heavy-Duty Aluminum Photo: Linda Graham/ For More Information: Click Here .