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The Big Bad World™ (2010)

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FUCKTHATGALLERY In Waikiki, Hawaii Opens September 15, 2009

LG Williams: Band Aids at FUCKTHATGALLERY & TelephoneBooth

LG Williams, A Flock of Sheep With Poses, Gestures, Glances, And Even, 2009 Band Aid® on Wall, Dimensions Variable Edition of 100

Buy One LG Get Up To 4 Free (Limited Time Offer)

LG Williams New Art Marketing Campaign Paves Way For Success And Opportunities

LG Williams Announces The Purchase Of Nine Notebooks By Honolulu’s Most Accomplished Underground Artist “Ms. Matrix”

Artist LG Williams To Travel To Waikiki And Diamond Head

The artist LG Williams will travel across Waikiki and Diamond Head tomorrow. During the Hawaii trip, the artist will bike past the artistic leadership of each neighborhood, as well as creative opposition (anti avant-garde) figures and conservative figurative-art representatives. While pedaling, the artist will pantomime progressive and artistic reforms (like ‘change’, ‘hope’, ‘stinky airplane food’ […]

LG Williams Apologizes For Seven Hour Debauched Rampage!

By Dave Hickey (Artforum) June 27, 2009 – HONOLULU, HI – After going AWOL for seven hours, artist LG Williams admitted Wednesday that he had secretly pedaled across Honolulu to visit three female nihilist-nudists, online admirers who initially contacted him through his website: Wiping away tears and drinking imaginary beers, Williams apologized to his […]