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On Sale Now: Death of the Soul T-Shirts

LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™ Death Of The Soul T-Shirts (For David Hawkes), 2015 Various Sizes, Organic Men’s and Women’s T-Shirt Copyright © 2015 LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams™. All Rights Reserved . CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW ! ! ! . 

LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams Floor-To-Wall Fountain Grab Bar  (not Buchloh) or We’ve Reach Out But So Far No Word Back, or Perhaps It Is Better To Say: You Don’t Want to Be Winging It When Something like This Happens,  2014, 48″ Standing Urinal and Power Coated Stainless Steel Urinal Grab Bar […]

LG Williams Responds To “The Forever Art Professors” by Laurie Fendrich in The Chronicle of Higher Education: Seriously, You Just Did What And Then Quoted Dave Hickey?!

American Artist LG Williams Defends Frieze Co-Director And Thanks 13.8 Million Millionaires At The Same Time

Wednesday 15 October 2014 .# # # # # LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams, Thank You! (Center), Frieze London Installation, October 15–18, 2014