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LG Williams’ Rehab Rage? Artist Reportedly Explodes At Art Clinic

By Kaden Cadence LG Williams reportedly ranted at Art rehab and derided the program as nonsense, according to Artforum. The magazine reports that “the disgraced artist treated group therapy with such contempt that he caused fellow co-patient Duffy to break down in tears and beg for mercy, the source says.” “Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah […]

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Let’s not worry about LG Williams and really move on to artists who we can trust as being pillars of good moral decency like Pink. LG is an art pig. I think the free ride on LG is over.! Lets be concerned with Americas future and stop all the bull s*** over LG. LG’s art […]

LG Williams Rallies The Changey-Hopey-Arty-Farty Faithful