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LG Williams, Through The Night Harshly Or, Car Stripped Bare By Some Bad People - Just Look At The Large Window [That Was] Made Of Glass! Sure, I Very Much Desire To Be Desired. But, To Put In Pointedly, The Fake News Has Been Putting Out A Lot Of Disinformation Regarding My Artistic Matters On Social Media Which Represents Emotional Distress. Do You Get My Point? And, As You Also Know, We All Face Challenges In Communicating With Our Audiences. While I Wish My Career Could Have Succeeded, I Have Come To The Realization That There Is No Way To Repair My Car 'Er Dear. However, I Am Determined To Begin The Healing Process And So That My Practice Can Begin The Healing Process And Move Forward In This New Chapter In My Professional And Personal Whatever, 2022, Smashed Aston Martin V8 Vantage Windshield On Gallery Floor, Dimensions Variable, Edition of 10.

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