The Most Profound and Groundbreaking Conceptual Artwork of the 21st Century, June 2
LG Williams & EDG Appear In UCLA’s ‘Daily Bruin, May 22
LG Williams In Conversation, May 12
LG Williams & Erik David Gallery Appear In UCLA’s ‘Daily Bruin’ During Frieze Los Angeles and Felix Art Fair, March 1
LG Williams In Artforum, February 2
LG Williams & EDG In UCLA’s ‘Daily Bruin’, January 24

LG Williams In The Brooklyn Rail, January 12
LG Williams In Artforum, December 1
LG Williams & EDG In UCLA’s ‘Daily Bruin’, November 20
LG Williams & EDG In The Brooklyn Rail, October
LG Williams In Artforum, September
LG Williams In The Brooklyn Rail, August
• “It’s Better to Be Mediocre, Curated by LG Williams” Appears In Guts Gallery Catherine Opie’s CV (Archived)
LG Williams Interview, June 12
100 Women and 100 Black Artists, June 6
LG Williams In The Brooklyn Rail, May
Erik David Gallery Announces the Release of a Recent Collaborative Lithograph by LG Williams, Charlie Colin, and Francesco Siqueiros During The Felix Art Fair, February 15-19
LG Williams in Artforum Magazine, February
Erik David Gallery Announces Global Representation Of LG Williams, January

On The Path of Performance: In Conversation with Tehching Hsieh, December 20
Letter to Greg Thomas, Larry Bell: The Age of Immersion, Aesthetica Magazine, April/May, December 16
LG Williams & EDG Appear in The Brooklyn Rail, December
PCP Press Appears in Artforum, December
Artist LG Williams Discusses Post-Commodity Art, TBHCCA(R)®, Star Trek, Los Angeles’s ‘Pathetic Generation’ and More in VoyageLA Magazine, November 22
LG Williams in Artforum Magazine’s 60th, September
Proposal To Maestro Yuval Sharon (Detroit Opera), July 24
LG Williams Unveils Newly Evolved Brand Identity Across All Media and Platforms, February 21
LG Williams in Artforum, February 2

Academy of Art University Announces Award-Winning Artist LG Williams as Endowed University Instructor, December 8
Project Proposal For Benjamin Millepied @ LA Dance Project, September 7
LG Williams in Artforum, September
LG Williams: Almost Fellini At The Felix Art Fair, July 29 – August 1
3 New Raymond Pettibon Twitter Compilations, August
LG Williams Interview (ShoutOut LA), April 29
Wally Hedrick Uninfluencer: A Forgotten Generation – A Review of Wayne Thiebaud Influencer at Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, April 15
It’s Better To Be Mediocre, February 15

Don’t Look at That Tree, June 1

Letter of Recommendation for LG Williams, July 14

In Person: LG Williams at The Laguna Art Museum Thursday, December 15
“Grey Matter” Series, December 3
LG Williams Included in Laguna Art Museum Exhibition, October 4
Forrest Solis & Julia Friedman at Jamie Brooks Fine Art, August 8
LG Williams Thanks DNC Wikileaks Contributors, July 26

LG Williams Teaching Philosophy
LG Williams Christian Values Statement

LG Williams Responds To: The Forever Art Professors, by Laurie Fendrich in The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 14
LG Williams Defends Frieze Co-Director And Thanks 13.8 Million Millionaires At The Same Time, October 15

LG Williams In Los Angeles I’m Yours, Kyle Fitzpatrick, December 12
What Is Missing?October 11 (Exhibition Page Archived)

The X-Box Project, October 14
Read Kyle Fitzpatrick’s article about Closed by LG Williams, Los Angeles I’m Yours, September 26 (Archived)
While The Government Is Closed, Gallery Is Closed From Milan, Gloria Maria Gallery, Curated by Chiara Guidi, September 19

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions, September 3
Read LG Williams: Unconventional Wisdom by Jenna Duncan, Java Art Magazine, January

SWM Looking At Art Basel Miami Beach – Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, December 6-9
SWM Looking At Art Basel Miami Beach – Hotel Sofitel Miami,
December 6-9
• SWM Looking At Art Basel Miami Beach – Hotel Sofitel Miami, December 6-9
On The Anthology: Super Window Project / The Estate of LG Williams™ at Gloria Maria Gallery (Milan), November 14 (Email)
Twentynine Palms Installation Proposal, March

LG Williams Awarded $369 Million to Produce 177 “Blue Balls” Paintings for The United States Department of Defense, November 4
FOR SALE BY ARTIST – US Art Exhibition Pavilion at Venice Biennale, May 24

Anything But” At The Container, May 16
LG Williams Invited To Participate In Internet Pavilion Biennale Di Venezia, May 10
The Mr. Brainwash Interview, Tokyo Weekender Magazine, April 11 (archived)
Uncovering A Tokyo Discovery, Tokyo Weekender Magazine, March 1 (archived)
Surrealism Comes To Tokyo, Tokyo Weekender Magazine, March 10 (archived)
A Single Stroke Is Not Enough, Tokyo Weekender Magazine, February 9 (archived)
Salaryman / Superman At Tana Gallery Bookstore, Jan 30
No Fun At ‘Sex Booze Weed Speed’, Tokyo Weekender Magazine, January 26 (archived) 

LG Williams Takes Responsibility For Anything At Telephonebooth, December 4
CLOSED At Super Window Project, November 14

LG Williams Takes Responsibility For Anything On Election Night, November 4
Matt Reynolds “Best Response To Mat Gleason’s Huffington Post Article”, October 7
Far From Ground Zero, Obscure Hawaiian Artist Is Ignored No Longer, September 7
International Burn Everything Day Everyday, September 7
Clandestine Art-Reality-Adventure: UACAWSACCADB, August 6

• Artform: Letter To Editor – Mara Mccarthy At Twentynine Palms By Catherine Taft, July 15
Mat Gleason – ‘You’re Killing It Dude!”, Huffington Post, July 6

House Where The Bottom Fell Out Begins July 1st, July 1
Telephonebooth Presents Closed By LG Williams, May 22
Get Back To The Drawing Board, Los Angeles Times, May 1
Keynote Speech At The Inaugural International Art Party Convention, April 25
You Feel Good, Oh So Good: Art Visitors Groped At Exhibition, April 18
FuckThatGallery Presents The First Large-Scale U.S. “Ġröperformance”, April 6
18 New Paintings To Be Sold On Facebook, March 27
LG Williams Storms FUCKTHATGALLERY In Honolulu, March 15

LG Williams Plans California Forum to Discuss Avant-Garde’s Future, March 9
Rehab Rage: Artist Reportedly Explodes At Art Clinic, February 13
Recent Comments Posted To, February 13
LG Williams: Party Every Night, February 7

LG Williams Rallies The Changey-Hopey-Arty-Farty Faithful, February 6
LG Williams Hits His Stride But Faces Rifts Over Ideology, January 31

Appalling On Every Level; A Pure Disaster, January 26
LG Williams, With Defiant Tone, Vows To Push His Art Agenda To The Max, January 22
Hope Has Been A Bust, Huffington Post, January 19
Vatican Slams LG Williams, January 15

“I Will Do What It Takes”, January 15
LG Williams ‘Meant’ What He Said About Art, January 15
LG Williams Apology: I Regret Those Transgressions, December 2
Open Letter To His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, November 12
Calling All Aliens, November 8
The Big Bad World, October 15
LG Williams Defends Himself Against Art Critics, October 15
LG Williams Says He’s Looking At Any Way To Create Art, October 15

Waikiki Gallery Opens Space With Band-Aid Exhibition By LG Williams, Sept 10
New Dark Alley Performance Series, Apr 09
Banksy Punked, March 1

Letter To Czech Republic Prime Minister Topolánek, April 5
Drawing Upon Art

Obama’s Public Image (In Hope Poster) Speaks Volumes, September 14
Letter To Mara McCarthy
House Where The Bottom Fell Out

Letter To The United States Joint Chief of Staffs, March 14

One Awesome Sculpture And That’s All…, September 11
2005 Traveling Western RV Biennial Art Show, March 5
Gallery Subversive Fundraising Letter (Haleh Niazmand), March 1
LG Williams Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree, February 26

LG Williams Discovers ‘Mystery’ Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile, December 16

“Holy Jesus!”: Miracle ‘Jesus’ Pictures To Appear On Ebay, December 9
LG Williams Explains “The Pain!” To Professor Dave Hickey, November 20
If Only Art Lovers Were as Diligent as Sports Fans, November 15
Super-Sized Toilet Paper For Big F**king A**holes, Thursday, October 28
Groundwater Article Simply Dumbfounding, Honolulu Advertiser, June 29
Help Wanted: The Exhibition by LG Williams, June 11
LG Williams To Release ‘Significant Findings’ From Recent Art Projects, March 4
Artist Confounds Christians With Duct-taped Bibles And Effigies, February 14
LG Williams’s Soaring Ambitions Are Shy Of Cash And Sapped By Calamity, February 4
National Endowment for the Arts Announces Grant Recipients, February 2

“EXIT | NO EXIT” by Artist LG Williams, December 12
LG Williams: “Postcards To Past Artists”, April 8
Current Duct Tape Frenzy Leads To New Art By LG Williams, April 1
Wally Hedrick: Envisioning The Dark Millennium

• San Francisco Chronicle, Letters To The Editor: Hip-Hip-Horray!, December 27
LG Williams ‘Stands Tall’, November 1
LG Williams Initiates Major New Art Commission: Everyone Sucks, October 2
Open Letter To United States Transportation, September 20
A California Artist’s Landmark Attempt To Make Art “For The World”, September 1
LG Williams: 9 + 1 (New) Installations, September 1
M2A I March To April: Recent Work By LG Williams, April 1

Freedom Sign and Arrow, November 2
Randy Iverson and LG Williams: Look, Jump, Mistake at HI Gallery, December 27

Off the Mark, Artweek, September 9

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