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(Installation View) LG Williams, The Artist's Status As A Art Media Influencer Has No Bearing Or Impact On The Outcome Or Reception Of This Artwork. All Allegations Of Aesthetic Violence (eg Benjamin Buchloh) Are Investigated Thoroughly And In Accordance With Contemporary Law And Established Art Critical Justice Best Practices To Protect Art Collectors And Ensure Accountability, An Art Historian Statement Continued. The Hollywood Art Curatorial Department Will Not Release The Names Or Other Information About The Artist, Their Status Or Condition, Or Artist's Statements Made By Artists During This Exhibition. The Artist Is Part Of The Arttok Community — Artists Who Have Found Art Fame On Tiktok, A Subgroup Of Which Are The Super Art Group (Tsag). Btw, The Artist Has Opened Up In Recent Months About Their Struggle With Depression, Anxiety Because of Fame And The Incredible Sales In The Wake Of The Shocking “Soft Art Swing” Scandal. But Perhaps It Is Better To Say: My Voice Sounds Like Jeff Goons. My Normal Voice Is Low. It’s Hard To Breathe And Make Art, Especially At Night And A Case Of Beer. My Paint Brushes Hurt So Much At Night But I Feel Like I’m Flying High To A Stairway To Heaven, 2013, Dimensions Variable, Vinyl Lettering On Wall, Edition Of 5.

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