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Twitter Repost (2022)

PCP Press is pleased to announce 3 new volumes in the PCP Press ‘Editions Du Piràtes’ series exploring Raymond Pettibon and Twitter. Between February 5, 2011 – December 10, 2019, Pettibon posted something in the region of eighteen thousand digital comments on Twitter. ‘SCKONTHIS!!’, ‘Tuff Luyv’, ‘my fists r free’ are based on the Twitter transcripts that appear in print for the first time.

The Essential Raymond Pettibon Twitter Compilation
by Raymond Pettibon and PCP Press
ISBN: 9798743817795
Paperback $35.95 (Amazon)

Tuff Luyv
The Abridged Raymond Pettibon Twitter Compilation
by Raymond Pettibon and PCP Press
ISBN: 9798747765139
Paperback $35.95 (Amazon)

my fists r free: 186 Twitter Poems
by Raymond Pettibon
Edited by Lawrence Graham Williams III
ISBN: 9798749386295
Paperback $18.95 (Amazon)

Raymond Pettibon’s writing embraced the expanse of social-media digital technology for his art while allowing a more intimate glimpse at the artist. Between February 2011 and February 2021, Pettibon posted something in the region of eighteen thousand digital comments on Twitter. SCKONTHIS!! is based on the entire transcripts that appear here for the first time. This eclectic collection demonstrates the range of Pettibon’s thinking as he embarks on an artistic enlightenment project. Pettibon’s digital rants reveal the artist in a creative-informal rather than critical-formal mode. The twits cover topics as varied as golf, oral, life, and art history—subjects chosen at random for broad appeal and examined with passion and insight.

LG Williams Endowed University Instructor At AAU.EDU

LG Williams Endowed University Instructor At

San Francisco — Dec. 8, 2021 — Academy of Art University, one of the largest private, accredited art and design schools in the nation, has announced that award-winning artist LG Williams has joined the University as an endowed instructor in fine arts.

“I am grateful to have been selected for this coveted position and believe my experiences and expanse of knowledge within the arts can go a long way for both the University and its students,” said LG Williams. “We have been able to do a lot of great work thus far, and I hope to continue to contribute to the mission and goals that the Academy sets out to achieve for its students.”

Williams joins the Academy of Art University as a multidisciplinary artist holding an MFA in Art from the University of California, Davis, where he studied under Wally Hedrick, Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson, Manuel Neri, David Hollowell, and Mike Henderson. He recently served as The Robert Hughes Distinguished Visual Artist-In-Residence at The Lodge in Hollywood. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Japan Times, Los Angeles Times, La Stampa, Bookforum, Purple Diary, Huffington Post, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Juxtapoz Magazine, LA Weekly, and OC Weekly, among others. In 2014 Donald Preziosi (Emeritus Professor of Art History, UCLA) included Williams in “Art, Religion, Amnesia: The Enchantments of Credulity…”

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LG Williams in Artforum Magazine (September 2021)

Image Credit: LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™, How Do You Like Me Now? Or Lowering The Blue Face Uplifts ‘The Bed Head’!!!…Bed Head!!! But, Perhaps It’s Butter To Say, Touché: FREEDOM!!! Freeeedommm!!! Let’s Get The Peloton In The Gutter. Flight And Live. Lying In Your Bed. Suffer And Die. AKA Slow Death From Apple Pies Day After Day After Day. Capital ‘L’. Fit Alright…Fit To Be In Folsom To Work Out Every Day!!! To The Nunnery Meatgrinder!!! But Tonight: Get Out The Prada Dress!!! Wahooooooo!!! 2021, 72 x 50”, Chromogenic Print, Edition of 3.  Copyright © 1969-2021 LG Williams / The Estate of LG Williams™. All Rights Reserved.

LG Williams ‘Almost Fellini’ at The Hollywood Roosevelt
Felix Art Fair 2021

LG Williams 'Almost Fellini' at The Hollywood Roosevelt Felix Art Fair 2021

Image: LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™, Almost Fellini (Seven And A Half ), Or, Perhaps It Is Better To Say What’s Wrong With David? Or Haven’t We Done That Enough (For EH Gombrich), 2005, 4 x 7.5”, Tape Measure, Limited Edition of 35.

The Estate of LG Williams™ is pleased to announce a limited edition artwork from 2005 will be presented during The Felix Art Fair at The Hollywood Roosevelt by Los Angeles-based artist LG Williams.

Under-recognized by many as one of the leading California artists of his generation, Williams’s practice (sic) brings together an unlikely range of disciplines to produce works that are as visually engaging as they are conceptually provocative (A+…you just gotta love this intern’s writing!).

Like his Greek and Roman predecessors (a truly gifted and learned staff intern / writer…right?), Williams employs grifting and pilfering as the primary engine for creating creative combinations of forms, materials, and ideas (like whatever! LoL! ). Similarly, sculpture constitutes a major area of his experimentation, and the Almost Fellini (7 1/2) featured above…blah blah blah blah — insert here a few of your own words, sentences and phrases.

Almost Fellini demonstrates that Williams’s intentions are an open quantity for pillaging and profit-taking through which art materials enact their own improvised dance to the bank. The aesthetic results strike a balance between the lightness of spirit, conceptual precision, and radical fraudsterism that define Williams’s clandestine and forgettable approach to art making, and that make his work so impactful and collectable by most art collectors, seasoned art aficionados, and IPO beneficiaries alike.

For all inquires, please email:

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LG Williams Appears In ‘The Street & The Shop Pop-Up’ at Neuhouse DTLA Curated by Michael Slenske, June 27, 2021, 11-5pm

LG Williams Appears In The Street & The Shop Pop-Up at Neuhouse Curated by Michael SlenskeLG Williams Appears In The Street & The Shop Pop-Up at Neuhouse Curated by Michael Slenske

The Street & The Shop Pop-Up at Neuhouse
Curated by Michael Slenske

Sunday, June 27, 2021, from 11-5 PM
NeueHouse DTLA
304 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

For More Information: Michael Slenske @eksnels

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The Book Of…[Your Name Here]

LG Williams The Book Of

The Book Of … is a series of photography books by American artist LG Williams. The Book Of [Your Name Here] series, originating in January 2015, is an artistic re-examination of the “miracle” of the daguerreotype photograph, in which the artist reaches back to the birth of photography.

On August 19, 1839 the French Academy of Sciences announced the invention of the daguerreotype by the scene painter and physicist Louis-Jaques-Mande Daguerre (1787-1851). Word of the discovery spread swiftly, and the daguerreotype photography enjoyed great popularity until the 1850s, especially in America where the process was free from patent restrictions.

While there was great demand for portraits captured by the “miracle” of photography, early daguerreotype technology had its shortcomings. The necessarily long exposure times that were required to capture an image, fifteen minutes on average under bright lights, led to necessarily inevitable lacunae in representing the subject. The resulting single image daguerreotypes are de facto composites of the lapsed long exposure time, but not, as was purported, scientifically captured replicas of both time and image.

This publication and series presents an opportunity for Williams to provide an artistic, political, and social perspective on the missing truths, images, and loss of time that occurred during the age of Daguerre. In other words, each book from this single-portrait-series consists of hundreds of continuous images during a fifteen-minute stretch of time, or just about as many images as the artist could take as fast as possible using his out-dated FujiFilm FinePix Z70 3-MP Digital Camera. From this historical perspective, Williams’ series points to the limitations of daguerreotype photography with the seemingly limitless possibilities of contemporary analogue-image capture and production.

The books are published by PCP Press and available on

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