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The World Will Never Know…

LG Williams The World Will Never Know...

For Your Consideration 2010

LG Williams’ Rehab Rage? Artist Reportedly Explodes At Art Clinic

LG Williams’ Rehab Rage? Artist Reportedly Explodes At Art Clinic
By Kaden Cadence

LG Williams reportedly ranted at Art rehab and derided the program as nonsense, according to Artforum. The magazine reports that “the disgraced artist treated group therapy with such contempt that he caused fellow co-patient Duffy to break down in tears and beg for mercy, the source says.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah I love you, I don’t know what this is LG but I’m under your spell like you knew you would: LG you got me begging you for mercy! I am begging you for mercy! You got me begging you for mercy! Break it down…” sources quoted Duffy as singing.

The article also claims that Williams denied having an art addiction problem and “ridiculed fellow patients and refused to cooperate with art therapists.”

While the item may sound improbable, Artforum was the first source to break LG Williams’ art scandal, reporting that Rachel Chitel slept with the art superstar. It was later alleged that Chitel received at least $1 million from Williams’ camp to secure her silence.

If rumors are true, she has a lot to keep silent, including emails from Williams declaring his feelings for her and fantasizing about a wild Art romp involving his alleged mistress.

Reports have placed Williams at a Malibu Art rehab clinic, where patients are banned from art and masturbation and are forced to come clean about their art antics and affairs. LG’s many Mormon wifes may have visited him at the art clinic, and another article reported they stayed at international art dealer Larry Gagosian’s property.

Other articles have claimed that Williams finished art rehab and has been reunited with his studio assistants.

Photos picturing Williams at the clinic appeared in January, but later pictures cast doubt on their accuracy. That is not the only reason to doubt the rumors or this article, either.

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  • Let’s not worry about LG Williams and really move on to artists who we can trust as being pillars of good moral decency like Pink. LG is an art pig. I think the free ride on LG is over.! Lets be concerned with Americas future and stop all the bull s*** over LG.
  • LG’s art program and does not sound like recovery to me, it sounds like farts in the tub. Just saying.\
  • LG is truly sad example of what he could have been. I knew him when he was great…\
  • LG is a narcissistic, dude-child, who has been following in art’s footsteps, and probably won’t change.
  • If he and Cherry get back together, it would be interesting to see what it costs him.
  • A sad, pathetic example of a man, an artist and a dude…
  • If??? The media, art press etc. have the almighty concern for the future of LG’s art, why? Do they print articles such as this and put this diatribe on the airwaves?
  • It’s not that LG had all those art affairs, it’s who he had them with that speaks volumes as to his character.
  • This is not Disney where we can mould him into the person we would like him to be. If I had been a fan I would be very sad but I have no sympathy for him.
  • Good at art, good in bed, end of story.
  • Don’t be alone with this madman — whatever the reason!
  • If you went from 20 blondes to 30……yes, maybe LG is little overwhelmed.
  • I can believe LG exploded. But not in rage.
  • Just about every story on LG Williams has been hearsay so far, between he and all those art whores. How many ways can we get people to hate LG’s art?
  • I do believe that LG confirmed what he initially denied about being artistically unfaithful. Maybe you missed it.
  • A friend of a friend’s cousin’s wife told me about LG. Sounds similar to his other stories.
  • I think that Artforum is trying to get more than its 15 minutes worth of credibility from having one story right.
  • Do you think LG’s galleriest is a woman, wearing a short skirt, with her hair pinned up, wearing librarian glasses? I would be enraged, too.
  • His ex-wife needs to wash her hands of this loser.
  • You can’t believe everything you read on hearsay.
  • Yes, we want to believe all the sordid details, but LG had a number of art affairs with women who couldn’t hold a candle to his gallerist and that’s enough for me to dislike him.
  • I caught my wife in bed with a crack dealer, it wasn’t that she cheated…..
  • What amazes me the most is that Artforum, the joke of all art rag “journalism” is taken for gospel..Just like the tarts who are spewing their garage… unreal!! o Now that TMZ, Rador on line and Artforum take on a reputable place it is over folks.. My gosh what a tragedy! I don’t believe a single word.. Not a syllable written from those rags.. Mind you own business all you nasty, judgmental people. Leave LG alone.
  • LG won’t change his stripes. He’ll be out carousing with the girls again, soon. LG is a freaking dog.
  • I too think LG’s problem is not art but artistic self-hatred and a buying into the belief that artists are superior. That is his problem.
  • I will not let my wife visit www.lgwilliams.com


LG Williams: Appalling On Every Level; A Pure Fucking Disaster

LG Williams: Appalling On Every Level; A Pure Fucking Disaster
By Pauline Thugman, New York Times

A fucking Art freeze? That’s the brilliant response of LG Williams to his sixty-ninth fucking serious artistic setback…

It’s appalling on every fucking level.

It’s bad fucking practice, depressing demand for LG’s avant-garde artworks when art collectors are still suffering from a decade of bad fucking art. What the fuck! Jonnie Jackoff writes in Artforum that LG seems to have decided to fire his masseuses and replace them with an incredible new art idea: “reinstate Norman Rockwell style pictorial values during the American financial crisis”. LMAO!

True, it’s a novel, risky idea – albeit Picasso went ‘classico’ during World War I almost a century ago. “But it might just work, people will buy fucking anything with a naked lady eating a hotdog!” says the artist during an interview yesterday while panhandling in a cardboard box in a dark fucking alley in Monte Carlo. He was here to entertain some wealthy collectors who quickly kicked him out on the street for his continuous use of profanity around the patron’s five children.

However, many critics agree that it’s bad long-run art policy, shifting attention away from the essential needs to LG’s avant-garde art reform and focusing on LG making some quick cash with cheap, realistic trickery and naked chicks recruited from Hooters.

And it’s a betrayal of everything LG’s supporters thought they were working for. Just like that, LG has embraced and validated the fucking regressive artworld-view — and more specifically, he has embraced the fucking policy ideas of his luxury envy, dollar worshiping opponents. A correspondent writes, “I feel like an idiot for supporting this LG. He sucks now. He’s not getting any more free pussy from me or my girlfriends.”

But, I still cling to a sexual fantasy with LG: maybe, just possibly, LG is going to tie his art freeze to something incredible that would actually help avant-garde art, like fart credits for fucking space aliens from Planet Viagras. (But, don’t count on it). There has been no hint of anything like that in the fart press so far. Right now, LG is looking like pure fucking disaster.

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