LG Williams ‘Almost Fellini’ at The Hollywood Roosevelt
Felix Art Fair 2021

LG Williams 'Almost Fellini' at The Hollywood Roosevelt Felix Art Fair 2021

Image: LG Williams and The Estate of LG Williams™, Almost Fellini (Seven And A Half), Or, Perhaps It Is Better To Say What’s Wrong With David? Or Haven’t We Done That Enough (For EH Gombrich), 2005, 4 x 7.5”, Tape Measure, Limited Edition of 35.

The Estate of LG Williams™ is pleased to announce a limited edition artwork from 2005 will be presented during The Felix Art Fair at The Hollywood Roosevelt by Los Angeles-based artist LG Williams.

Under-recognized by many as one of the leading California artists of his generation, Williams’s practice (sic) brings together an unlikely range of disciplines to produce works that are as visually engaging as they are conceptually provocative (A+…you just gotta love this intern’s writing!).

Like his Greek and Roman predecessors (a truly gifted and learned staff intern / writer…right?), Williams employs grifting and pilfering as the primary engine for creating creative combinations of forms, materials, and ideas (like whatever! LoL! ). Similarly, sculpture constitutes a major area of his experimentation, and the Almost Fellini (7 1/2) featured above…blah blah blah blah — insert here a few of your own words, sentences and phrases.

Almost Fellini demonstrates that Williams’s intentions are an open quantity for pillaging and profit-taking through which art materials enact their own improvised dance to the bank. The aesthetic results strike a balance between the lightness of spirit, conceptual precision, and radical fraudsterism that define Williams’s clandestine and forgettable approach to art making, and that make his work so impactful and collectable by most art collectors, seasoned art aficionados, and IPO beneficiaries alike.

For all inquires, please email: press@lgwilliams.com

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