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Up-And-Coming Artist Who Stares At Curators, Collectors, and Dealers Boobs® 2010 :: www.uacawsaccadb.com






06 August 2010

I N F O @ L G W I L L I A M S . C O M
W W W . L G W I L L I A M S . C O M
P. 415-937-1306

Dear Distinguished Art Professional:

During a recent trip to a Sufi meditation retreat in the awe-inspiring but overheated San Joaquin Valley, I reflected upon all the magnificent, tireless handiwork undertaken by Art curators, collectors, and dealers – in other words, the entire Artworld-At-Large.

Then suddenly, while ostensibly floating high above our galaxy, and infinitesimally close to finalizing untold socio-politico-philosophical theorems concerning these selfless art devotees, I imagined the professional art thrill seekers, the artistic nomads ever hungry to be filled with art content who bring-on the art everyday, and received another aesthetic epiphany. These under recognized but distinguished Art professionals who provide living culture with their invaluable services all over the world deserve a tribute, or a gift, if you will – for the services rendered.

Even better (yes, it gets even better) I envisioned a global exchange taking shape in yet another dimension. In full-blown heated rapture, I envisioned a collaborative art project with said peoples for which I am now requesting your urgent participation!  Please help me! Help!

This clandestine Art-reality-adventure, as far as you can get from Stupid Fucking Art 1.0, but the next pure super-huge worldwide art movement, is tentatively (albeit perhaps prematurely) entitled, “Up-And-Coming Artist Who Stares At Curators, Collectors, and Dealers Boobs®.”

Now then, before I go any further into the details of my request let me be clear about two aspects of this outlandish project from the start. First, it is with the deepest regret that given the project’s international size, scope, and future partnership with Michelle Obama’s Get Fit America Program! (2009-2010) “man boobs” unfortunately will not be included. And, secondly, this project will not focus upon ancient matters of artistic originality or hanky-panky. Instead, it will rely solely upon matters of life and death.

The unprecedented life and death aspect of this thrill-seeking but sublime art project (exhibition, documentary video, book, posters, website, et al.), was partly inspired by a recent research project undertaken by a German scientist Dr. Karen Weatherby and published in the New England Journal of Medicine; along with the artists extensive personal and professional milieu, vis-à-vis, the artist’s remarkable international coterie, either real or virtual, of art curators, collectors, and dealers; as well as the artist’s recent sacred pilgrimage to Central California for dialogues with renowned, exiled, almost lone, and, well, soon-to-be-engaged Sufi master.

More to the point, Up-And-Coming Artist Who Stares At Curators, Collectors, and Dealers Boobs® mirrors the artist’s very own existential or, as some would say, apocalyptic – but, to be fair, at times also art-historical, asymmetric, bawdy, idiomatic, populist, esoteric, expedient, social networked – journey into the world of exploring his intimate surroundings with a luxury laptop. Or, to put it another way (making it a three-way if you keep track of such matters), UACAWSACCADB® is a visual / mythical / poetic rumination focusing upon the thousands of millions of international art world splendors, part primal, part natural, part faux-natural, but all richly embodied and a few finely perfumed.

This latest monumental artwork, one in series of bold assaults upon a long line of well-established canonical assaults – and the first exhaustive exhibition by the prolific artist in nearly three weeks – will culminate in an immersive two-and-a-half minute, yea, you guessed it, Meyeresque-Angeresque-Brackagesque-Cohenesque-Courbesque-Goodridgesque-GirlsGoneWildesque-LGesque YouTube™ video.

Please let me know immediately if you are interested in participating in this landmark Art project and I will quickly reply with the few simple details and permission form.  Participation will be strictly confidential and discreet. The email address to participate is FuckYeah@UACAWSACCADB.com. Additionally, the email address to not participate in this project is FuckNo@UACAWSACCADB.com. The email address for more information about this project is WTF@UACAWSACCADB.com. The email address to be never contacted again about this project is FU@UACAWSACCADB.com.

Finally, given the life and death nature of this extreme art-reality project, please let me know if you are aware of any other qualified art professionals whom I can contact and invite to play art.


LG Williams

Artist, Currently Residing in Honolulu and Los Angeles


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Please contact LG Williams at info@lgwilliams.com for more information.

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