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Meet Los Angeles Artist LG Williams… (June 2023)

LG Williams Interviewed... (June 2023)

Meet The Los Angeles Artist LG Williams

Hi LG, thanks for joining us today. Are you happier as a creative? Do you sometimes think about what it would be like to just have a regular job? Can you talk to us about how you think through these emotions?

Yes, I am a Los Angeles-American artist and global-nomadic creative. I enjoy the freedom and self-expression that comes with the calling. Being a self-professed ‘Capitalist Realist,’ post-consumer, post-truth, trans-dimensional artist is thrilling.

On most days, I’m simply broke and gobsmacked…

While I was satisfied and enjoying the freedom and self-expression that came with the life of an internationally recognized post-conceptual artist a few years ago, I also wondered what it would be like to have a regular day job. This curiosity is why, in 2016, I became the Founder and CEO of an entirely new creative venture or hyper-conceptual approach to art-world-building known as Prosperity Aesthetics™ International. With Prosperity Aesthetics™ International (PA™ for short), I could share and teach millions of confused but emerging young artists and miserable-but-incredibly-wealthy executives how to seek out and find true artistic and financial rewards in today’s ridiculously lucrative contemporary Art world….

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