LG Williams’ MONA LISA: How To Explain Art
To The Sports Generation (2004)

LG Williams Mona Lisa

(Below) Renowned British art historian Martin Kemp, acknowledged as the world authority on Leonardo da Vinci, spoke about the iconic Mona Lisa as a statement of the artist’s ideas about nature and the natural world. November 5, Laguna Art Museum.

Kemp Williams Laguna Art Musem

Above (R) on projected screen: LG Williams, How To Explain Art To The Sports Generation (Mona Lisa), 2004, 40 x 30” (Variable), Reflective Ink Silkscreen on Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting on Heavy-Duty Aluminium. Collection: Dr. Julia Friedman, Brentwood, CA.

LG Williams Mona Lisa Laguna Art Museum California Cool 2017

LG Williams Mona Lisa (2004) at The Laguna Art Museum

LG Williams Mona Lisa For The Sports Generation (2004)

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