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Invoice (2023), Limited Edition Print, With Charlie Colin And Francesco Siqueiros Is Available For Purchase On February 15

Invoice (2023) by LG Williams, Charlie Colin and Francesco Siqueiros

Invoice (2023), Limited Edition Print by LG Williams, Charlie Colin, And Francesco Siqueiros Is Available For Purchase On February 15, 2023


LOS ANGELES, February 8, 2023 — Erik David Gallery Beverly Hills is pleased to announce its pop-up exhibition during Felix 2023 Art Fair, with the launch of a recent collaborative, limited edition lithograph by LG Williams, Musician/Artist Charlie Colin, and Artist/Printmaker Francesco Siqueiros at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, February 15–19, in Los Angeles. 

The pop-up will feature Invoice (2023), a groundbreaking examination of the dialectics of printmaking, by explicitly providing and representing for the first time the counterpoint to the historically vital ‘cancellation proof’: namely, the initial editioning invoice

A cancellation proof is typically the final print in an edition. This print is created by defacing the source printing plate or stone employed in making a print edition. The cancellation print’s purpose is to assure collectors that a ‘limited edition’ is truly limited by demonstrating that no further identical prints can ever be made from the existing material.  

While canceling and the primary purposes of creating cancellation proofs are well established and followed by most print publishers, the initial stage of print editioning, i.e., the initial print invoice or agreement itself, has never been brought to light or examined in and of itself—even though the invoice is the first essential element in producing professionally recognized print editions. Indeed, invoices signal new artistic potentials—the deepest feelings of creative joy any artist can summon.

By representing and presenting this never-seen-before essential step in the printmaking process—the print invoice—the artist’s collaborative adventure poignantly highlights the overlooked first step in the entire professional printmaking process. 

With this critical and particular stage of the printmaking practice now finally brought to light, the full scope of the printmaking process can now be fully understood and recognized by artists, printmakers, scholars, and collectors in the future.

To Purchase Please Contact: Erik David at Erik David Gallery, Beverly Hills

Print Details:

LG Williams, Charlie Colin, and Francesco Siqueiros
Invoice, 2023
Lithograph on Stonehenge Paper
22 x 30″
25 Edition
3 Printers Proofs
4 Artists Proofs
Francesco Siqueiros, Master Printer
Printed at El Nopal Press, Los Angeles, CA

3 Signatures per print + numbered 1/25 -25/25 in pencil (there are also 2 printer’s proofs), with the ‘El Nopal Press’ stamp, sold unframed.

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Charlie Colin, Grammy Award-winning musician, songwriter, lyricist, producer, and founding member bass player of the platinum-selling mega rock band, Train. He is the co-writer of Drops of Jupiter, Meet Virginia, and Calling All Angels. More recently Colin has emerged as an art collector, philanthropist, and Director of the Newport Beach California Film Festival. Colin is a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Francesco Siqueiros is an artist and educator. He has 20 years of experience, teaching printmaking and drawing in various Universities and Colleges including UCLA, UCSC, USC, Otis College of Design, California State College at Northridge and Art Center College of Design. He also founded El Nopal Press in 1990 a Fine Art Limited Edition Publishing House; he printed and collaborated with various artists including John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Lari Pittman, John Valadez, and Lita Albuquerque.

El Nopal Press (www.elnopalpress.com) was founded by Francesco Siqueiros in 1990 with the mission of creating a cultural channel between Los Angeles and Mexico City. Since that time, the conceptual focus of El Nopal has remained to underline the heterogeneity of cultural production and question the hegemony the current dominant cultural perspectives.

LG Williams is a Los Angeles artist and recently an Endowed University Instructor at The Academy of Art University; The Emmy Henning Distinguished Professor of Visual Art and Art History at D(D).DDDD University; and Robert Hughes Distinguished Visual Artist-In-Residence at The Lodge in Hollywood, CA. Williams’s trans-disciplinary practice spans many artistic disciplines, including art criticism and art history. Williams studied printmaking under many master printmakers, including Richard Finch, Harold Boyd, Raymond George, and Jim Butler at Normal Editions Workshop.


LG Williams Appears In Artforum Magazine 2022

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The Book Of…[Your Name Here]

LG Williams The Book Of

The Book Of … is a series of photography books by American artist LG Williams. The Book Of [Your Name Here] series, originating in January 2015, is an artistic re-examination of the “miracle” of the daguerreotype photograph, in which the artist reaches back to the birth of photography.

On August 19, 1839 the French Academy of Sciences announced the invention of the daguerreotype by the scene painter and physicist Louis-Jaques-Mande Daguerre (1787-1851). Word of the discovery spread swiftly, and the daguerreotype photography enjoyed great popularity until the 1850s, especially in America where the process was free from patent restrictions.

While there was great demand for portraits captured by the “miracle” of photography, early daguerreotype technology had its shortcomings. The necessarily long exposure times that were required to capture an image, fifteen minutes on average under bright lights, led to necessarily inevitable lacunae in representing the subject. The resulting single image daguerreotypes are de facto composites of the lapsed long exposure time, but not, as was purported, scientifically captured replicas of both time and image.

This publication and series presents an opportunity for Williams to provide an artistic, political, and social perspective on the missing truths, images, and loss of time that occurred during the age of Daguerre. In other words, each book from this single-portrait-series consists of hundreds of continuous images during a fifteen-minute stretch of time, or just about as many images as the artist could take as fast as possible using his out-dated FujiFilm FinePix Z70 3-MP Digital Camera. From this historical perspective, Williams’ series points to the limitations of daguerreotype photography with the seemingly limitless possibilities of contemporary analogue-image capture and production.

The books are published by PCP Press and available on Amazon.com.

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