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Meet LG Williams: Artist — Shoutout LA, April 29

Meet LG Williams: Artist
April 29, 2021 — SHOUTOUT LA / VOYAGELA — Sarah Abrams

We had the good fortune of connecting with LG Williams and we’ve shared our conversation below:

LG, what is the most important factor behind your success / the success of your brand?

“At the Enchanted Hunters Senior Retirement Village (overlooking Forest Lawn atop the Hollywood Hills), I’ve now scrapped Post-Performative Art—to become ‘The Distinguished AARP Resident of Neo-Post-Performative Art.’ I’m thrilled. By the way, this artistic accolade is one of the most unusual and elevated leisure distinctions found in today’s expansive Senior Living communities. I finally feel I can make my dreams and passions come alive. I’ll tap into my unlimited creative potential after Bingo night in this vital role—just like in the Hollywood movies…”

Read The Full Interview Here: https://shoutoutla.com/meet-lg-williams-artist/

* Artwork / Photo Information and Credits: https://shoutoutla.com/meet-lg-williams-artist/

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Voyage LA Magazine / LG Williams: Hollywood Hidden Gem

Check out LG Williams’s Artwork, VoyageLA Staff Writer, VoyageLA.com, June 5, 2019.

LG, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist:

I’m originally from the Ozarks. Back then, I loved crafting a bit more than bass fishing. So, after art school, I hitchhiked to Los Angeles. That decision was a no-brainer — which was good since I had little extra to spare. What I didn’t know back then was this: Every Hollywood hipster can spot poor, destitute country folk — like me — a mile away. That’s probably one reason why, after all these years, I’ve never been invited to exhibit art in Tinseltown. Another reason might be that my “story” has been anything but unique. On the contrary, it registers as irrelevant by any Southern California  metric…
Read The Full Story: voyagela.com/interview/check-lg-williams-estate-lg-williams-s-artwork/


The Estate of LG Williams™ would like to extend warm gratitude to The Lodge and The Derazhne-Fridman Charitable Trust for their generous support. Esp B, P, S and Vinnie.